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For certain species it is highly recommanded to keep them as a couple or with more together.

How To Reserve My Bird & Why?

Welcome to this webpage that explains why you should reserve the bird of your choice and how.

At first:

Why you should make a reservation?

1. Our professional bird raising program is the best way to prepare any parrot or parakeet for living as a pet bird with you in your home.
It’s raised inside our living room together with all other members of our family which are giving attention to the bird almost every moment of the day. Check our site for more details on this.

2. We have at least 100 times more requests for birds, then birds available to sell as a pet bird.

3. Duet o to growing international demand for High Quality Professionally and yet perfectly well treated Socialized Parrots and Parakeets I made this short video for you in English.

4. By the time our baby birds are able to live independent from our hand feeding program, they all are reserved by their new owners. When you make a reservation for the bird of your choice, you can be sure the bird will be completely yours and can’t be bought by someone else anymore.

5. If you wish to buy one or more birds of rare species such as the White Bellied Caique, Blue Quaker parrot, Yellow Winged Macaw, Pyrrhura Perlata, Aratinga Conures etc it is highly recommended to make your reservation as soon as you have decided which species you want to have. The sooner we can write your name on the waiting list with reservations the earlier you’ll have your bird at home.


How To Reserve My Bird ?


It's Very simple:

1. Fill in the form and send it to us by clicking the button, with which you agree on our terms of sale.

2. Once we receive your reservation form, we will reply with a confirmation and request for paying the deposit which always is 50% of the total amount. You can download a price listing using the link under this video.

3. Your bird is officially reserved at the moment we have received your deposit payment. We will send you another confirmation as soon as your deposit has been received. When you come to pick up your bird, you pay the other half of the total amount.

4. If the bird you have reserved is not yet in our daily feeding hand raising program you will be the first to know when new babies are born. Of course before to make any reservation we will let you know if there is a waiting list for the particular bird of your wish.
If there is not, you’ll be the first of course. No baby’s or even no eggs on the list doesn’t mean you can’t make a reservation, it just means you’ll have to wait a little longer until the bird is available.

5. As soon as your first payment has been received and we have taken the baby bird inside the house, we will make pictures of your bird and send it to you at any e-mail address of your wish. This way you can see how the bird will develop itself. Of course if you have made your reservation during the time the bird is already inside the house, we’ll send you the pictures right after the reservation.

6. The next point of contact with you who has made a reservation will be at the moment your bird is ready for the great move.
No baby bird leaves our house before it is completely independent of hand feeding. So only when your baby bird has done well in our feeding program with feeding itself for at least 10 days we will give you the sign to pick up your bird. We then give you an exact date from when your bird is ready. We now make an appointment with you when like to pick up your baby bird or when we can deliver it to you.

That’s how easy it is to reserve the pet bird of your choice with babybirds.nl
If you are living outside the Netherlands, we can send you our international bank account details, or you may like to use paypal to make the deposit for the reservation of your bird.

In some non EU countries a little more paperwork needs to be done for exporting a pet bird. We can assist you with this, but we strongly recommend to check out the rules and regulations which apply in your country.




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