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You can make a reservation for any bird that we are breeding with to be sure it will not be bought by someone else before it's ready to go.

We handle all reservations by order of date and time. Sometimes De behandeling van de reserveringen geschied op volgorde van binnenkomst. Sometimes every minute counts ...

The babybird always stays with us until it's fully able to survive independently from handfeeding. You will receive a photo update as soon as the bird is inside our living room.

Every Baby Bird has it's own unique identification code with us, so we know exactly which bird has been reserved by whom.

We do ask a deposit of 50% for every reservation which can be done by credit card, paypal or direct bank transfer as you wish.

As soon as you've send the form below, we will send you a confirmation together with the invoice for the deposit and payment details. The remainder of the amount should be paid when you come to pick up your bird.

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If you don't find your desired species and you know we DO have them, please type the species in the comments part.
Please fill in the form below:
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Which species of baby bird (s) would you like to reserve?
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2 nd name:*
pyrrhura frontalis
pyrrhura lepida
pyrrhura cruentata
pyrrhura molinae
pyrrhura hypoxantha
pyrrhura rupicola
pyrrhura perlata
pyrrhura molinae cinnamon
Maisparkiet | Aratinga Pertinax Surinama
Muisparkiet | Quaker Parrot Green or Blue
Witbuik Caique (Geeldij) | Yellow Thy White Bellied Caique
Congo Grijze Roodstaart | Congo African Grey
valkparkiet wildkleur | Cockatiel
valkparkiet albino
valkparkiet lutino
valkparkiet grijs
valkparkiet witmasker
valkparkiet bont
valkparkiet gepareld
Lori vd Blauwe Bergen
Geelwang Amazone | Yellow Cheak Amazone
Zonparkiet | Aratinga Solstitialis Sun Conure
Grote Alexanderparkiet

Are you sure? We will take your reservation as an official valid agreement.
Do you want to make an official reservation for the baby bird of your choice?
Push the Send Button below and agree with our terms of sale:

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NB: We cannot make any reservation without a deposit of 50%. Your reservation becomes ofiicial as soon as we have received the particular amount as deposit.

If there is any waiting list for the bird of your choice, we will let you know immidiately after received the form above and before you make any deposit.


Terms Of Sale

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